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Share on Pixelfed

Automatically share WordPress (image) posts on Pixelfed. You choose which Post Types are shared. (Sharing can still be disabled on a per-post basis.)

This plugin shares some 75%—not an exact number—of its code with Share on Mastodon. Both plugins rely on the “Mastodon v1 API” (which Pixelfed supports, too).

By default, shared statuses look something like:

My Awesome Post Title

Pixelfed will not automatically turn that URL into a clickable link, but we can live with that. Posts without a Featured Image will not be shared. (The plugin currently doesn’t look for other images inside the post, that is.)

Custom Formatting

If you’d rather format statuses differently, there’s a share_on_pixelfed_status filter.

Example: if the image posts you share are all very short, mostly plain-text messages and you want them to appear exactly as written and without a backlink, the following couple lines of PHP would handle that.

add_filter( 'share_on_pixelfed_status', function( $status, $post ) {
	$status = wp_strip_all_tags( $post->post_content );
	return $status;
}, 10, 2 );

Post Privacy

Currently, all statuses sent via this plugin are public. Unlisted or followers-only statuses may become an option later on.


This plugin uses WordPress’ Meta Box API—supported by Gutenberg—to store per-post sharing settings, which makes it 100% compatible with the new block editor.