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I used to store all dates in UTC, yet had my app timezone set to where I’m at. I would then use that to convert relevant dates at the very last moment (i.e., in the view). But … cursor pagination uses your app’s timezone setting to produce its SQL; hence the error. So I now have my timezone set to UTC and will use a user-specific setting for displaying dates and times! Seems we’re good again.

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You don’t ask “the algorithm” for a recommendation—it foists them on you whether you want them or not. A more apt metaphor would be that you walked by a record shop once and the store worker came out and followed you down the street, into your home, and watched your every move for the rest of your life.

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While part of me still wants to build somewhat complex layouts using nothing but HTML and CSS, these WordPress block pattern examples are really, really nice. I mean, in a WordPress context. Sure as heck beats shortcode wizardry.

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My feed reader’s “timeline” moves really slow, so I’m not at all interested in anything “infinite scrolling” or optimized for “real-time” updates. It’s to do with marking new items as read, which using traditional pagination will “bump up” remaining items from, e.g., page 2 to page 1, meaning the (previously generated) link to page 2 may now lead to an empty page and those items might stay overlooked for a little while.