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Niks mis mee. Net daarom wil niemand in een regering met maar één zetel op overschot. Afijn, tot we (federaal) alsnog een minderheidskabinet krijgen. (Ook niks mis mee, overigens. Heeft het parlement nog ‘ns wat te zeggen.)

El Kaouakibi steunt motie oppositie tegen discriminatie[.]

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When [Basecamp] pointed out that there were many other apps—even email apps—that allowed users to log in to their existing accounts without signing up through Apple, the reviewer told them they wouldn’t discuss other apps. And that was that.

A new email startup says Apple’s shaking it down for a cut of its subscriptions

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One reason I went self-hosted. (Not saying that’s always better, mind you.)

I’d be cool with eventually opening up my instance to a couple select folks, though. (It will sometimes break, however. I’m kind of actively developing new features. Like, in production.) Or offer advice, e.g., on Docker.

Speaking of Aaron’s resources, his Aperture is still the dominant Microsub server [and] there is no “competitor” on the market yet. As Sven put it: this is another single point of Aaron in our stack.

Three things about Readers during IndieWebCamp Nürnberg | Seblog

I’m adding an _Unread_ “channel” to my Aperture …

I’m adding an Unread “channel” to my Aperture fork and for a moment there did not know how to stop the pagination cursor from using the order entries are added to a channel—I’m specifically not looking at one channel! And then I figured it out. I’m already ordering entries on date published rather than date added anyway, and because entry IDs are unique, ever-increasing integers, I can use those rather than “order added.”

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[W]hat is the point of all this? These platforms are all losing money. Just think of all the meetings and lines of code and phone calls[.] Why go through all this trouble? […] Third-party delivery platforms, as they’ve been built, just seem like the wrong model, but instead of testing, failing, and evolving, they’ve been subsidized into market dominance.

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage

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Some people ask me if they can donate for my software. [T]hey can’t, because I don’t want money. Instead I would like them to make a small donation to a good cause! […] Why? Well, I’m a very lucky guy, living in the richest region of one of the richest countries of the world[.] Software is “just a hobby,” [a small contribution to making the web] a slightly better place.

Do not donate to me! | Frank Goossens’ blog

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Twitter is a world where throwing a punch means you get a hundred punches in reply. […] It makes me feel like the oppressed underdog fighting the masses. This means I can feel comfortable hitting harder, fighting dirtier, and calling for like-minded people to join me. Because I’m outnumbered, right? I’m the victim. The underdog.

This Game is Bad for You - Twenty Sided