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Notes tagged web design

Love the renewed attention for “classless” CSS frameworks, …

Love the renewed attention for “classless” CSS frameworks, but I’m gonna keep calling them CSS—or browser—resets. (Just kidding—nah, I’m serious—but this is how I’ve been approaching web design for the longest time. Doesn’t mean I’m somehow against “component-based design,” by the way. [That said, I rarely need more than a handful of classes beyond microformats, “the simplest way to mark up structured information in HTML.”])

Also, quoting from Jeremy Keith’s “Robustness and Least Power”:

Choose the least powerful language suitable for a given purpose.

Robustness and least power

Bookmarked A problem _long_ solved by CSS …


A problem long solved by CSS and the separation of content and presentation. (But visual editors, we need!)

I would not wish the pain of updating dozens or more old blog posts to adjust paragraph design on anyone. Of course, the same could be said of font sizes and similar settings.

Gutenberg 7.9 Adds Gradients to More Blocks, Extra Typography Controls, and New Patterns

Bookmarked “”The line affordance under the …


“The line affordance under the old text fields was not clear to some users. The line was confused with a divider.” I screamed. This spoke directly to the concern I had expressed months prior. It took Google hundreds of research participants to confirm what I already knew thanks to nothing more than common sense.

Listen To Me And Not Google: HeydonWorks