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Bookmarked 2022 update: Hallway’s still not done. …


2022 update: Hallway’s still not done. I bought a much more expensive guitar, a 1950s table-top organ thingy, a budget electronic drumkit, a 70-year-old oil painting, and (S)NES Classic Mini(s). Kids got a dollhouse, and a Super Mario LEGO set, and way too many presents overall, and it’s been (mostly) fun.

Here’s my 2021-in-review: I bought a couple busted up guitars in the first few months of the year, and then there’s a black hole of some six months, and then in between the 3rd and the 4th wave my parents came over a couple times and helped us a whole lot finishing the hallway—still not done—and then in November my wife’s brother and his fiancée visited from Toronto, and our daughter, now two, finally got baptized, and there was birthdays and Sinterklaas and Christmas and way too many presents.