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What I do—I’ve probably said this before, but I’m going to repeat it anyway—is, I have a couple code snippets in my `functions.php` that filter Micropub requests before they’re saved to the database, and these add all the hidden metadata _to the actual post content_, nicely microformatted and all.

Then on the desktop, or rather, within WordPress’s admin interface, I either type things out by hand or use a “text expander.” And then I also have a bit of code that allows me to use “Press This” to create correctly formatted bookmark or read posts.

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    If you ever wanted to rework existing posts, I’d write a script—not even a plugin, but something you run from a terminal—that looks for all of these custom fields and prepends them to the post content by means of precisely the type of template you’re thinking of. Might not work for every single post, but that’d be the easiest way, I think.

  2. Ton Zijlstra Avatar

    Hi Jan, yes text expansion is what I plan to do as well. I basically create all my postings through the back-end anyway.