Found out this morning that a small tweak …

Found out this morning that a small tweak to will make it work with Pixelfed, too. Thing is, Pixelfed’s access tokens do in fact expire, so rather than just check if authorization is still okay (the plugin’s current behavior), I should probably attempt to renew (Pixelfed) tokens that are about to expire, too.

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Or I could split this off into a plugin of its own, which would also allow folks to run them both at the same time. (But then both plugins would be, like, 98% the same. And I’d have to maintain all that, twice.)

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Which is, of course, exactly what has happened with my crossposting plugins. 🙂

  3. dansup Avatar

    @jan The default token expiration is 365 days, though if you run your own instance you can set a higher value!

  4. Jan Boddez Avatar

    @dansup Oh, nice, I thought it was 15, still. Good to know! Thanks for that!

  5. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Note to self: I don’t think Pixelfed’s API supports revoking access tokens, or a since_id parameter (like, when getting the most recent statuses).

  6. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Or, wait. It accepts a since_id, but it’s not actually used. Looks like min_id is. Also, Laravel Passport should provide a revoke route …