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So, maybe I should rename “Unread” to “All”, and make “Show unread entries” the default for each and every channel. That’s how RSS readers do it, right? (But then timelines would look nothing like, say, a Twitter feed anymore.)

(Somewhat related: you can’t really “browse” a source outside of the context of a channel, as the channel settings determine, e.g., what entries are shown. You can, however, show every possible, unique entry in an “All Channels” context.)

I’m adding an _Unread_ “channel” to my Aperture …


  1. Jan Boddez on

    To do: make not just the Unread/All channel optional, but also let users choose whether a source’s entries should pop up there. That would allow keeping it free of, e.g., Tweets and other fast-moving “news.”

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