I’ve just updated (the Docker images powering) my …

I’ve just updated (the Docker images powering) my Aperture install—Aperture is an RSS and IndieWeb aggregator. Working on a blog post, too. (A _lot_ of work, actually, because of Aperture’s many dependencies. Should probably just create a Git repo and let the config files speak for themselves.)

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  1. doubleloop.net Avatar

    I’d love to see this Aperture Docker repo!

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    A very early attempt: https://github.com/janboddez/aperture-docker-compose. (Note that this won't give you a working install, at all. It's missing a web server config, the Watchtower service and cron job, `composer install`, and database migrations.)

  3. Jan Boddez Avatar

    What _does_ it do, then? Well, spin up a couple PHP-FPM containers and pull some files inside (and write them to the host as well) when they're first run.

  4. Jan Boddez Avatar

    And even that could be improved.

  5. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Got somewhat closer to a working product—main thing missing is some NGINX examples, I think, and the ugliest bit is having to, for now, manually insert that one database row.

  6. Jan Boddez Avatar

    (Most of them migrations could probably move in the shell files as well, tho.)

  7. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Just set up a new, working Docker-powered Aperture/Watchtower/Camo instance with these exact instructions! ? Main thing still missing, except maybe better docs, is an example NGINX config.

  8. Jan Boddez Avatar

    (Had to quickly disable some debug/SQL logging because of a permissions thingy, but the updated defaults should just work. I think.)