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I once created my own domain mapping plugin for (single-site) WordPress, which was fun.

(Disclaimer: It does about the same as “Multiple Domain Mapping on Single Site,” and the (paid) “Landing Kit.” Thought I’d share my take on this sort of thing, I guess. Also, I suck at naming things.)

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    While WordPress normally looks at $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to figure out what page to serve, these plugins make it look at $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] instead. That’s it. Plus there’s a simple GUI to set things up.

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Don’t need the GUI, even. You can just provide a “lookup table” (a simple associated array) through a filter.

  3. Jan Boddez Avatar

    […] custom domain names to point to specific posts or pages. Like, not redirect a domain to a certain page, but really having the page “live” at that web address. There are, by the way, at least two older plugins, one paid, the other free, that do this. I.e., none of this is new, per […]