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More FSE fun! (I’m doing this experimenting on …

More FSE fun! (I’m doing this experimenting on a different blog of mine, mind you.)

My theme (Twenty Twenty-Two) uses the Post Date block in just its two “single” templates. I’m adding support for microformats, however, and thus want date blocks on all home, archive, and search pages—have that dt-published class on all my posts, right?

So, the default date format’s F j, Y. Fine for English, but this blog’s in Dutch. (And while the date format’s correct (i.e., j F Y) in the overall blog settings, the Post Date block does not pick this up … Which means hand-editing some six template files it is.

Of course, since I’m overriding the default Post Date block anyway, I could totally make this smarter, but then I might spoil things for anyone else that would like to experiment off of my child theme.

Ochtendgrijs – Mooie, mooie woorden