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This is an issue within the “IndieWeb,” too. People see their Tweets (and avatars) appear on a stranger’s site and feel uncomfortable, even if Tweets aren’t copyrightable and out there for everyone to see and often embedded in, e.g., newspaper sites, too.

The people re-publishing my Mastodon posts on Twitter didn’t think to ask whether I was OK with them doing that.

I mean, I totally get it, but I also think we cannot solve this, except perhaps by staying off the web altogether (or building a wall around our online presences, which is the opposite of what the Fediverse—or IndieWeb—is all about).

No, scratch that. There are ways, also on the Fediverse and IndieWeb, to selectively hide posts and so on. But for everything public, the problem, if it can be called that, persists.

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