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Hi Desmond, wonderful write-up! (I’ve [sort of] said that before.)

One thing, though. I’m playing around with Microsub and Microformats a lot these days, and your articles somehow get parsed as notes, and seem to be missing a date as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is because your post titles are lacking a p-name (on the blog archive only, it’s okay on individual pages) and your dt-published is actually inside your h-card, rather than next to it. Something you can (luckily!) easily verify and address. (Not meant as criticism. I get these things wrong all the time! It’s what makes it fun.)


  1. Desmond Rivet on

    Well, this is quite embarrassing.  Thank you for the information! Actually, my blog entries on my feed page did have p-names but I think I accidentally made them part of the e-content, and I suspect that’s why they were not showing up.

    And, yes, my published date was embedded in my h-card for silly reasons that I won’t get into.

    Anyway, I think (hope) I’ve fixed both issues if you want to try again.

    Via, in reply to In reply to Hi Desmond, wonderful write-up! ….