Bookmarked Some reflections. Nothing personal (obviously)! I …


Some reflections. Nothing personal (obviously)!

I actually run out of stuff to read and eventually get bored with my phone.

That’s awesome!

I [disabled] all notifications on my phone except for [email].


If you’re the kind of techie who uses social media to [build your personal brand], quitting Twitter is a terrible idea.

Good thing, then, that I pretty much hate the word “brand.” F—k brands. (By the way, I’ve nothing against folks who use social media this way. Just, know what you’re doing. Non-blue-checkmark folk, if you ever find yourself locked out of your account, or if it was hacked or unfairly suspended, expect no help from Twitter.)

[W]hen I do give the odd podcast interview, there’s always an awkward moment when they ask for my Twitter handle[.]

IndieWeb vibes! Seriously, online, you are, not “@​nolanlawson” or whatever on some closed-source, for-profit, social media silo that may no longer be around ten years from now.

Another odd downside of deleting your Twitter account is that, after a cool-down period, someone can grab your Twitter handle.

Don’t consider this an issue. If I don’t “rel=me link” to it from my personal site, it’s not me.