So, no less than four plugins of mine …

So, no less than four plugins of mine are available from’s repo. (Who cares if no one uses them?)

6 responses to “So, no less than four plugins of mine …”

  1. Beko Pharm Avatar

    @janboddez that’s the spirit ?

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    The most recent one’s actually a “Mastodon crossposter”—I found the existing plugin too “clunky.” (The ideas for the other three also somehow involve Mastodon.)

  3. Jan Boddez Avatar

    @bekopharm It is, and I share most of the code I write for my own rare edge cases on GitHub. Every once in a while, though, some of it does end up in “official plugin” territory.

  4. Beko Pharm Avatar

    @janboddez I’m using for this by now (if I don’t simply reshare my ActivityPub endpoint :awesome:)

  5. Jan Boddez Avatar

    @bekopharm Yeah, this thing’s a bit older (and does exactly what I want). (Don’t wanna go full ActivityPub just yet.) Also, one less dependency. ?

  6. Beko Pharm Avatar

    @janboddez fair enough. It’s beta after all.