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Now wondering how to best implement this. My list of syndication links is generated automatically (after [automatic] syndication to, e.g., Mastodon was successful), yet in this case, the link should be there _before_ the webmention is sent (and, preferably, updated afterward).

> You can then update your post with that URL so that your post always links to the IndieNews permalink instead of the IndieNews home page.

(Speaking of, I guess this note, too, should now end up there.)

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Unless it doesn’t, because I did in fact use u-bookmark-of and not u-syndication.

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    Thinking of a really simple plugin. Meta box with a checkbox (much like Share on Mastodon). If checked, POST to IndieWeb News _a minute or so after_ publication, and store the response (or rather, the value of its Location header) in a custom field. Then when the cache expires and the page is next rendered, it would show the updated link (the one in the custom field).

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    The checkbox would set a `_share_on_indieweb_news` meta field that my theme would pick up, showing the syndication link on the front end. Then, after the mention is sent (this bit is already implemented), all I need to do is update its value.

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    Turned out not so simple (I already had automatic webmentions working, but only if the target URL is *part of the post content*. In this case, I’d rather have the list of syndication URLs generated on the front end, by a custom theme function, and I’m going to have this “simple” plugin itself schedule the webmention.)

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