Bookmarked Really good advice here, like, “Avoid …


Really good advice here, like, “Avoid relative URLs!” (_Another_ thing _SSG sites_ often get wrong.)

No mention of h-feed/microformats, though. 😟

2 responses to “Bookmarked Really good advice here, like, “Avoid …”

  1. Binyamin Green Avatar

    @jan Personally, I’ve yet to find a feed reader – not a microsub client, not an indieweb reader – which supports microformats by default. It’s just not popular enough. I do wish things were different, though. It’s really easy to do.

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    @binyamin Exactly. The one I use/have been building—*coughs* for, uh, years now—uses bits of @aaronpk’s X-Ray to get there. SimplePie (that other PHP library), too, technically supports microformats (and then doesn’t really do much with them). Most of the time, RSS/Atom does just fine, however. (The exception seems to be … IndieWeb folk, who often stuff their feeds with all types of content, sometimes without a whole lot of context. 😃 In that case, h-feed—when done correctly—really is a plus.)