Looking to start a personal wiki to save …

Looking to start a personal wiki to save all sorts of little bits of knowledge, for use at a later time. Like information I come across online, on a particular guitar model or arcade cabinet. Or code snippets—why not? Then again, those are all things I _could_ just write about right here.

5 responses to “Looking to start a personal wiki to save …”

  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Except that so many draft posts just sit there, far from finished, for years on end. So being able to properly organize and categorize snippets, links and notes upfront should help.

  2. macgenie Avatar

    @janboddez There are a number of wiki enthusiasts here on Micro.blog. @jack is one.

  3. jack Avatar

    @janboddez Wikis work well for things like that. I myself prefer TiddlyWiki (here’s mine). Are you planning to publish the wiki somewhere or is it for private use? Publishing content with TiddlyWiki presents some small hurdles. Others like DokuWiki for a more traditional wiki.

  4. frankm Avatar

    @janboddez I maintain both. Tidbits that I want to associate to dates go on the blog, tidbits based on topics go in the wiki. The wiki is a garden, my blog is a stream.

  5. ton Avatar

    @jan.boddez.net I too have both, public and private. Actually as a wiki with 1 user is more or less the same as being logged into my CMS, I use wp pages for my wiki like content. Both for private and public. Using Webmention for two-way linking between pages.