Was thinking of launching a (second?) public Aperture …

Was thinking of launching a (second?) public Aperture instance, but what I’d really like to see is a Microsub aggregator with an integrated, web-based reader _and_ an API, a bit like Mastodon. One that uses a built-in polling mechanism, too, rather than a 3rd-party service (i.e., Watchtower).

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Could do both, obviously, and eventually offer a way to easily migrate from one to the other …

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    During this first attempt at doing so, i.e., setting up Aperture, found a couple issues with my Docker-based installer, which I’ll address shortly.
    But the ultimate goal would be a self-contained package, like a ZIP file, compatible with almost any hosting environment. (You know, like WordPress.)

  3. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Also, while I know the idea is to manage all of this from within a client app, I just spent a Saturday afternoon making it darn easy to copy and move sources from and to different Aperture channels, because that’s were I actually handle these things. (Because my client of choice—which I was thinking of somehow integrating into the service instead—just isn’t there, yet.)

  4. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Now syncing channel_source pivot column values across channels, which isn’t perfect but works. I’d prefer a source_user pivot table instead of having everything tied to channels first (and use channels as taxonomies, really). But that would be a major change, and baby steps and all.

  5. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Up next: stuff all of these additional bells and whistles behind a couple user settings, and disable them by default. Then open up the instance for others as well, and make OPML import more robust.