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Bookmarked Feels ironic to be bookmarking this, …


Feels ironic to be bookmarking this, on my site. That said, there’s a reason I’ve created separate feeds for separate post types, and I do try to stay off the mainstream social networks.

I implemented support for bookmarks and likes and replies because these are commonplace on the IndieWeb. I understand why. Many people still use social media and use their website as a method of syndication. This is not me. I left social media [earlier this year].

This way of sharing (properly curated) bookmarks probably is the way to go. ’Til I have time, though, I’m going to have to do it the quick (and dirty) way.

I like [Ana Rodriguez’] approach to bookmarks. She writes one post every month with all of the articles she has bookmarked.


  1. Jan Boddez on

    Ideally, I’d leverage either my browser or wallabag bookmarks to get there. Dump and group them by week or so, and automatically add them to a draft post. I once wrote a WordPress plugin for this sort of thing, too, although that created a separate post for every bookmark. Still, I could use it to import a whole lot of bookmarks at once, after I’ve gone over them once more, instead of saving them straight to my site. (Unfortunately, though, Firefox felt the need to scrap bookmark notes a while ago, and kind of like to add a quote or so.)

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  2. James Gallagher on

    I like the quotation feature on your site. It looks great!

    What you decide to implement on your site should always be based on your needs. If you like to share bookmarks, go for it! I’ve decided against the monthly bookmarks post idea because I don’t like to have monthly recurring tasks. I often forget about them because I don’t have a good place to keep track (I use markdown for all my to-dos).

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