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This is an important distinction to make. (Just FYI: ActivityPub does come with a client-to-server API, which Mastodon chose to ignore.)

ActivityPub is a mostly server-to-server API that both and Mastodon support. […] Likewise, [you] can follow Mastodon accounts and reply to posts without needing an actual Mastodon account yourself.

For client apps like Ivory, Mastodon has its own API. It’s a completely different thing than ActivityPub, closer to the Twitter API. It’s not an open standard and does not support it.

The following also holds, at least in part, for Micropub—yet another API, yay!—clients. Part of the confusion can be overcome by adding support for the spec’s “config queries” (where apps are able to detect which features a server supports).

If worked with Ivory, what would the UI look like when the features didn’t exactly match up? It would be confusing.