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Relative URLs, eh? Suddenly feels like I’ve had this conversation before. :-) I know they can be an issue (and are discouraged) in RSS feeds, but not that Microsub readers would fail to pick them up as well. I’m using a fork of Aperture, which I’d consider the de facto standard and itself relies on X-Ray to parse HTML (and other) feeds. I sometimes use to check both h-feeds and individual entries.


  1. Henrique Dias on

    Yeah, that’s true. But it was a tiny bit more complicated. I was serving the microformats JSON directly instead of the HTML and I forgot to add the domain to the parser I was using. Simply ended up removing that. There’s no point (I think) in me serving jf2 or mf2 JSON directly. Besides HTML with Microformats, I’m also serving ActivityStreams and I think that, unfortunately, that’s what X-Ray picks up, and not the HTML, so I’m trying to make sure it is as reliable as possible.

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