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My wife, a non-EU citizen, holds a (permanent) Belgian residence permit. She can use it just as any Belgian would use their (regular, and mandatory) electronic ID card. (Nowadays, there’s also an app for this sort of thing, which works quite well.)

We do use eIDAS, which we discovered only fairly recently, to file our Dutch tax returns. (In the past, we would have had to mail those in or use basically a password.) Because we’re neither Dutch nor live in the Netherlands, however, we do not have DigiIDs, which means that whenever we need something from, e.g., our health insurer, we still have to request it by phone or (snail) mail, and wait a week or two. Or three.

Issues With DigiD as a Foreigner - Henrique Dias


  1. Henrique Dias on

    Interesting. Are you a cross-border worker? I would have assumed that anyone with a BSN (which I think you should have as you fill Dutch taxes) would have access to DigiD.

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