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Working on a Facepile “theme” block for IndieBlocks, …

Working on a Facepile “theme” block for IndieBlocks, which would show a post’s “like,” “bookmark,” and “repost” webmentions. Doesn’t support the Webmention plugin, yet. (It does work with IndieBlocks’ webmentions, which use a slightly different set of custom fields, etc.)

A “Facepile” “theme” block for use with WordPress’ new Site Editor.


  1. Jan Boddez on

    The Facepile block supports InnerBlocks; the default template contains a Heading and a … Facepile Content block.
    If no likes, bookmarks, etc. exist, nothing will be shown (which is why a Group block didn’t cut it).
    There will be a setting allowing users to exclude likes, etc. from the “normal” comment list/count—the plugin currently treats all webmentions as normal comments—to not display them twice.