I created an add-on for my Scrobbble plugin. …

I created an add-on for my Scrobbble plugin. It’s nowhere near finished yet. https://github.com/janboddez/scrobbble-addon

For now, it adds genres (a custom taxonomy) for tracks with a known MusicBrainz track ID. And downloads cover art based on what it thinks is the album MBID.

To display these, I could … use a the_content filter, or create a couple blocks.

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  1. Jan Boddez

    Couple remarks:

    I want to also “guess” the genres when there is no known MBID. I’ve got an album, title, and artist. That should suffice.

    Not everything is in MusicBrainz. Last I checked, Discogs was more complete (but also harder to navigate, I think). What makes things “needlessly” difficult, is the fact that one album can have multiple releases (versions, etc.). Anyway, I might wanna add Discogs as a source.

    And …

  2. Jan Boddez

    … as always, while WordPress’ site editor *has* CPT support, it mainly comes down to it supporting separate CPT templates. You still can’t easily control how *different* CPTs are displayed within one and the same list of query results.

    In this case, not so much of a problem; it’s probably okay that search results don’t show cover art, for instance, as long as single “listens,” and listen archives do.

  3. Jan Boddez

    But it does mean that “microformats feeds” or “h-feeds” based off, e.g., search results, will be “incomplete.” The excerpts, after all, do not contain all of the microformats that single posts do (because HTML is typically stripped off excerpts).

    Subscribing, through h-feed, to my notes or listens section(s) as such should not “suffer” from this, I made sure these CPT archives are “full-content.”

  4. Jan Boddez

    Added a quick Cover Art block thingy

  5. Jan Boddez

    I’m also storing the artist and album as custom taxonomies, but I’m not sure if I should link through to *those* archives, too. Ideally, I would do some from *within* the post content (which by the way up until recently did not use the block editor, because it contains some automatically generated HTML/microformats). In fact, even though listens now “support” the editor, they’re still all “classic” blocks.

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