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I settled on microformats that work (for me) …

I settled on microformats that work (for me) quite some time ago. My notes that are also replies or bookmarks all come with a short introduction housing—hiding?—a u-in-reply-to or u-bookmark-of link, followed by the (actual) e-content. Yay. Works in RSS readers, and you there’s no duplicate content in most microformats readers (which no one uses).

If there’s no explicit e-content, my “theme” will add the class to the whole note, causing the introductory paragraph to become (the only) part of the note’s e-content. That kinda works, I guess. (Although there’s nothing wrong with notes that do not have e-content at all, I think.)

I tried to replicate this same behavior in IndieBlocks, using custom post templates, and it mostly works (until you start adding or moving blocks without the List View open and not paying close attention, or when you stray from its built-in post types).

That could probably be improved still, by instead leveriging InnerBlocks, which allows tighter control over HTML output but comes with a bunch of challenges of its own. Like, how do I detect empty InnerBlocks content, in order to avoid echoing an empty e-content wrapper?

Or maybe I should just drop the “in-content” e-content. Less flexible—it would no longer be possible to have reply context or u-photo images outside of e-content—but much easier to grasp/not mess up from a user perspective. (If you can call it messing up, even.)