‘Too often, site owners install masses of plugins …

‘Too often, site owners install masses of plugins that they don’t need, which ultimately creates all sorts of security, performance, and stability issues.’ https://wptavern.com/jetpack-7-1-adds-feature-suggestions-to-plugin-search-results

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    @janboddez Mmmh, whilst I think encouraging users to reduce the number of plugins they have installed is a good thing, I feel like this is a dark pattern. Unfortunately the downside of an open source platform is that there are crap and maliciy plugins out there. But at the end of the day it's always the user's choice. I feel like there's a less intrusive method for jetpack to do a similar thing.

  3. Jan Boddez Avatar

    @gaffen Yeah, noticed it for the first time yesterday and I don't quite like it, either. Regardless, that quote has a lot of truth in it. I've seen people install contact form plugins when their theme had one built in, or gallery plugins that don't offer anything WordPress itself doesn't already do (better). SEO plugins they don't need. Or sliders. ?

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    @janboddez preach! lol. Yeah users can be their worst enemies. Fortunately for me most projects I work on I code from scratch, so I don't tend to inherit some frankentheme cobbled together with visual composer all that often. Though there was that one time that had over a gigabyte of database, a lot of which I'm pretty sure was stored visual composer markup! ???People get far to used to 'easy solutions' that end up having the potential to turn wordpress into an unmaintainable mess!