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Bookmarked [Y]ou could argue that AI art …


[Y]ou could argue that AI art is merely a cliché generation engine.

That’s literally what these models are, isn’t it? Still …

If, like me, you struggle to give shape to your ideas then it is nothing short of magic. It gets you through the first 90% of the hard work. It’s then up to you to refine things.

I’ve tried my hand—and I’m surely not the only one—at making ChatGPT write a song or two, with very similar results. The outcome isn’t particularly good, but it’s more than what I seem capable of, mostly ’cause I’m afraid that what I come up with is going to be either riddled with clichés or deep-but-not-really, incomprehensible nonsense. I mean, it’s a starting point, not a finished product.