Found this pure-PHP Camo clone that I’ll use …

Found this pure-PHP Camo clone that I’ll use for my Microsub reader/Monocle fork, instead of a self-hosted image proxy. Pros: I’m _almost_ able to run the entire thing on a dead-cheap shared hosting environment. Cons: I _still_ need a caching proxy that’s able to resize and crop avatars, for now. (Ideally, though, the Microsub server would do all that. [No? Well, maybe not.])

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  1. Jan Boddez Avatar

    I can also not crop avatars, and just replace border-radius: 50%; with a smaller, absolute number, as I’d have no way of knowing each image’s aspect ratio. (Con: potentially huge image sizes, depending on the source. Also, not as pretty. [But don’t wanna resort to JS.])

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Thought I was smart, appending ?with-replies=1 to my notes section’s URL, but my Microsub aggregator—Aperture—seems to be ignoring it. No replies for me then (using this h-feed). Also, the image proxy thingy doesn’t work for this one image over at … Will have to investigate.