‘[A] call to action to join the independent …

‘[A] call to action to join the independent web by owning your own domain, content, social connections, and reading experience.’ https://wptavern.com/take-back-your-web-tantek-celiks-call-to-action-to-join-the-independent-web

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  1. Beko Pharm Avatar

    … favorited this!

  2. Jan Boddez Avatar

    A million times this. 'A personal website is also a powerful playground to tinker with new technologies and discover your powers. It's one of the few places developers can expand their skills and make mistakes without the pressure to have everything working.'

  3. Vancha Avatar

    @janboddez fantastic tip 🙂 having set up my own webserver didn’t only teach me more about programming, but about the web in general as wel. What servers do, how ports work, what forwarding is etc. Plus, it’s fun watching the uptime of my small raspberry at home ^^

  4. Jan Boddez Avatar

    So, I'm currently running a Dockerized Mastodon alongside a couple 'more regular' websites. I've also just moved one site back to a shared webhost—just because—and spent about an hour tweaking .htaccess files and switching PHP versions. Breaking things is fun.

  5. Jan Boddez Avatar

    Oh, and I totally optimized my 'Share on Mastodon' WordPress plugin and thereby broke the 'backposting' of favorites and replies. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

  6. Jared White Avatar

    @janboddez Good ol’ “shaving the yak.”