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I’m adding an _Unread_ “channel” to my Aperture …

I’m adding an Unread “channel” to my Aperture fork and for a moment there did not know how to stop the pagination cursor from using the order entries are added to a channel—I’m specifically not looking at one channel! And then I figured it out. I’m already ordering entries on date published rather than date added anyway, and because entry IDs are unique, ever-increasing integers, I can use those rather than “order added.”


  1. Jan Boddez on

    So, maybe I should rename “Unread” to “All”, and make “Show unread entries” the default for each and every channel. That’s how RSS readers do it, right? (But then timelines would look nothing like, say, a Twitter feed anymore.)

    (Somewhat related: you can’t really “browse” a source outside of the context of a channel, as the channel settings determine, e.g., what entries are shown. You can, however, show every possible, unique entry in an “All Channels” context.)

    Via, in reply to I’m adding an _Unread_ “channel” to my Aperture ….