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Haha. Can’t help but think: why not (microformatted) HTML? (And then, if you wanted [even more] people to be able to effortlessly track changes, RSS. Or, if simplicity and machine-readability are your top-most requirements, JSON?)

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  1. Ton Zijlstra :cc_cc: 🇪🇺 Avatar

    @jan Yes, it could be HTML for the content, although maybe less so if I’d include social connections. In all cases limiting access to a known range of connections is a key thing. I think I like OPML (or XML in general) as it can be both human parsed (w XSLT) and machine parsed, and a such is a mid point between HTML (human first) and JSON (machine only)

  2. DoeNietZoMoeilijk 🥔 Avatar

    @ton @jan social connections could be handled with microformats too, could they not? FOAF is a thing.