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Short status updates that may end up elsewhere, too.

Just added a tiny new feature to “Share …

Just added a tiny new feature to “Share on Mastodon.” After a post is published, the meta box will now display a link to the corresponding Mastodon status. There’s also the possibility to forget the Mastodon URL, allowing anyone to again share their post (the next time it’s updated). Fun fact: this isn’t new per se, but previously required fiddling with a hidden custom field. New version’s not in the WordPress repo, yet. I’ll try to push it tomorrow or so.

Share on Mastodon meta box, showing part of a Mastodon URL

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Also, and I hate to say this, comparing page load times for a static site on the one hand and WordPress + a page caching plugin on the other makes little sense. In both cases, you’re loading static HTML.

You can achieve the same performance by putting a great CDN like Cloudflare on top of WordPress, and your life will be infinitely easier when you want to add dynamic features like a store or comments.

Anyway, if you’ve got both a h-feed and …

Anyway, if you’ve got both a h-feed and an RSS feed—you’ve probably got more than one, which is great—for pretty much the same items, and they’re both reasonably error-free and understandable, I’m gonna follow the h-feed. (There’s occasional errors in my microformatted HTML, too, which I’ll then rectify, and so on. It’s sort of unavoidable and no biggie.)

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Because, why not?

Facebook and Instagram will be dropping unauthenticated oEmbed support on October 24, breaking content across millions of websites.