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This blog is all about the open web, and web standards. RSS, despite Google Reader’s 2013 death, is one such standard. The following feeds are available by default.



New: Atom. Should be pretty indistinguishable from the RSS version above, except for one thing: in the Atom feed, every entry, including “Notes,” actually has a title. So, if somehow your feed reader garbles up titleless entries, try the Atom feed.


At the same time, all articles and notes—short, titleless status updates—are marked up using microformats2, for easy parsing by Webmention and Microsub clients alike.

Don’t use a Microsub reader? Well, you could use a service like Granary to convert microformatted entries anywhere on this site into good ol’ RSS! Think likes or bookmarks.


The blogroll holds all of the blogs I follow—and is, in fact, automatically kept in sync with my feed reader’s OPML endpoint!