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Writing for Oneself

I’ve had different blogs over the last few many years, most long gone. Then started this one, in English (which is my second language, or third, depending on your exact definition), because I wanted to share some of the things I, an amateur web developer, encounter as I learn. And learn from your feedback. English makes sense. Maybe makes it easier, even, to write about all these technicalities. (Honestly, though: it doesn’t.)

Some of my posts must be complete nonsense to the average layperson. I’d like improve this. Some probably make no sense to experienced developers. I can live with that. (I’m open to feedback, but I already said that.)

I don’t care about SEO. I care about semantic markup, though, and accessibility and speed, so I’m probably okay here. I mean, except for, like, keywords, and clear wording and all.

What I’m saying is, sometimes it’s best to just get things out of your head. I’ll use unlisted posts for this, for instance. Or make ’em public. Nobody has to read anything on here.

I really do search my own blog fairly often. “How again did I do this?” That sort of thing. It’s not quite the commonplace book—is that the right term?—yet, nor am I sure I want it to be. One thing I should do better, though, is bookmarks. They’re all over the place. Web browsers (I use several). My read-it-later app (wallabag). My feed reader. I can automatically import all of them here, but don’t want to just yet. Let’s see what happens.


  1. Jan on

    Soms moet je Kerouac-gewijs je pen maar laten razen, weet Frank. Met dit soort onzin als gevolg. 🙂

    Via, in reply to Writing for Oneself.

  2. JR Tashjian JR Tashjian on

    … favorited this!

  3. Jan Boddez Jan Boddez on

    Of course Hidde’s already said it a million times better.

    Via, in reply to Writing for Oneself.

  4. Beko Pharm Beko Pharm on

    Same 😜
    Good thing too. Brain forgets so fast.

    Via, in reply to Writing for Oneself.