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Articles tagged “wordpress”

Building a Block-Based Microblog

So, as promised, a blog post on how to—or rather, one way to—set up IndieBlocks. (I will eventually move this site to WordPress proper, and a block theme, and so on. Maybe I should’ve done that instead. Anyway, this is quicker.) Configuring WordPress Okay, so I’ve set up the subdomain and installed WordPress core. I also installed IndieBlocks, and I’m using Twenty Twenty-Three as a theme. I then went and created a “Home,” an “About,” and an “Articles” pag… Continue reading Building a Block-Based Microblog

WordPress’ Block Editor and Custom Post Meta

Quick recap, mostly just for me: In the classic editor, you have a custom meta box. You hit “Save,” “Publish,” “Update,” etc., it will submit the page; on the back end, you now have access to the various $_POST variables and can use them to update, e.g., (custom) post meta (“custom fields”). Easy peasy. With Gutenberg (the “block editor”), actual meta boxes are a bit of a hack. Because (on “post submit,” for instance) differ… Continue reading WordPress’ Block Editor and Custom Post Meta