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Articles tagged indieweb

IndieWeb Adventures

Here’s something on the order in which I, sometimes partially, implemented different IndieWeb concepts on this site. I’m planning to add and rewrite, I dont know, something, so I’m not yet publicly publicly publishing it. I’m like that sometimes. Webmention Webmentions are like pingbacks, minus the downsides. Seriously, the Webmention protocol’s a lot like Pingback. Wikipedia kind of nails it, when it states “Webmention [is] a modern re-implementation of [Ping… Continue reading IndieWeb Adventures

Using Docker to Run Aperture, a Microsub Server

A Microsub server—like Aperture—is very much like an RSS feed aggregator, though it supports more than just RSS, like JSON, and even Microformats. Most, if not all, Microsub servers also require a separate client-side application. An IndieWeb reader, if you like. Now, because of Aperture’s many dependencies, I’ve gone the Docker Compose route. Continue reading Using Docker to Run Aperture, a Microsub Server