Share on Mastodon v0.17.0

I recently released a new version of Share on Mastodon.

As of version 0.17.0, Gutenberg users will see a “proper” document settings sidebar panel instead of the previous “classic” meta box.

If you find the new panel somehow doesn’t work for you, there’s an option under Settings > Share on Mastodon > Advanced that will let you use the old meta box instead.

Because of how WordPress’ block editor treats meta boxes, Gutenberg users were always left a tiny bit behind in terms of functionality; this version addresses that.

At the same time, I removed the jQuery dependency, and made some minor changes.

Customizing Statuses

Not new per se, but I don’t think I ever properly documented these:

If you’ve been wondering about customizing statuses without the need for custom code, check out the Status Template and Customize Status settings (also on the Advanced tab). The former lets you modify the plugin’s default status format; the latter adds a textarea to Share on Mastodons sidebar panel (or meta box) that you can use to further customize statuses for each post.

Of course, if you’ve been using a filter callback, that’s fine, too. (Such a filter will always override anything set through WordPress’ GUI.)

If you’re not afraid of a bit of ugly PHP, feel free to have a look at (the logic behind) this Share on Mastodon “add-on” I created.

Among other things, it converts a limited number of HTML elements to Markdown, to at least try and retain some sort of “semantics,” adds tags, and then shortens the result to just under 500 characters. (I know Markdown isn’t quite accessible, but merely stripping all tags, including links, isn’t great either.)

If all you wanted was to add hashtags, though, have a look at that Status Template option!

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4 responses to “Share on Mastodon v0.17.0”

  1. Jan Boddez

    “What’s the difference?” you might ask. Oh, it’s *very* subtle. The classic editor refreshes the page after you click “Publish,” and as a result the meta box is immediately updated. The block editor doesn’t. Bothered me enough to make this change. (Don’t worry, though, the classic meta box isn’t going anywhere.) If you use “delayed” sharing or the classic editor, you won’t even notice any difference! And if you use the block editor and find it’s not for you, there’s an option to go back, too.

  2. Jan Boddez

    One thing that *still* bothers me: you can’t reorder Gutenberg sidebar panels. (Nothing I can do about it, sorry.)

  3. Mark Avatar

    I notice that after I installed All In One SEO that Share on Mastodon stopping sharing (v. 0-17-0). Any idea what would cause the conflict?


    1. Jan Avatar

      Hi Mark, I’m going to guess that what you’re seeing is this issue:

      Long story short, it can be “fixed” by going into the settings and enabling the “classic meta box” option.

      I’ll release a proper fix, probably this weekend.

      If that doesn’t fix it, let me know!

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