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My HTML Feeds

I’ve been, over the course of the last few months, experimenting with (both RSS and) h-feeds, a lot.

The following pages or sections now sport full-on h-feeds:

  • Homepage: articles, i.e., somewhat longer blog posts, with title
  • Notes: notes, i.e., short, titleless status updates, excluding replies, but including, e.g., quotes and bookmarks
  • Notes (with replies): same as the previous item, with replies this time
  • Likes: likes—my likes are a sort of middle ground between slightly less publicly advertised bookmarks and, “Hey, I wanted to let you know how cool this is!” The latter pretty much makes sense only in combination with an outgoing webmention
  • Microblog, AKA stream: the whole shebang, except articles

Why not split everything up, and additionally offer a single combined feed or page?

I feel my notes and bookmarks are really part of one and the same feed (or stream, or whatever). Also, some of my longer “articles” really are replies (to others’ blog posts), yet definitely belong in the Articles section. Not everything needs put in entirely separate boxes all the time.

And, finally, I don’t really like likes, which is why both the Likes section and Stream are very much tucked away, and eventually might get slashed from this site. (Articles [long] and notes [short], that should probably be it.)

My Articles section, by the way, is not an articles feed, but merely lists all articles so far, replacing the monthly archives of old-school blogs, and a couple links to various pages. Things that’d normally live in a sidebar, I guess. (I might, eventually, do a sidebar. I’m definitely planning a “fat footer.”)