Masto Moves

I started my Mastodon journey on sometime 2018. At one point, one of the WordPress plugins I was developing went a bit “rogue,” and that server’s API has been giving me issues since1.

I moved to my own server in, I think, early 2020—that’s three (!) years ago—and it’s been smooth sailing! (Been wanting to write a quick guide on self-hosting Mastodon, but I’m pretty sure others have done a better job by now.)

Anyhoo, the recent discussions on what exactly constitutes the “Fediverse2,” and “fair use” vs. explicit consent, and a slightly unpleasant experience with Twitter “bridges” and the like, have made it rather clear:

I will no longer be hosting, or rather, publicly serving, any user-generated content. (Except for, perhaps, some comments on this blog, backfed a long time ago. Well, I may try and weed those out in due time. And I’ll likely keep webmentions, too. Actual webmentions, I mean, not those from, e.g., Bridgy.)

What that means:

  • I will likely shut down
  • A great deal of my “Also on Mastodon” links on this blog will be broken removed
  • I will (soon-ish) move my Mastodon account to indieweb.social3
  • I may again start looking into adding basic ActivityPub support to some of my PHP projects (like that CMS 🙄 of mine)

  1. I moved back to it just now and some of the issues seem to have persisted. I’ll move out again soon.
  2. As more and more websites embrace ActivityPub, the “Fediverse” is going to look exactly like that: a bunch of random websites.
  3. I know less resource-hungry Mastodon alternatives exist, and that I could self-host those; if I were to go that route, it’d have to be something (1) with no public timelines whatsoever, (2) that let’s me move over my account the way Mastodon does.