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IndieBlocks v0.3.4

A new IndieBlocks version is out, which basically means: webmentions!

This addition, I think, makes it an almost “all-encompassing microblogging solution” for WordPress. If you were to install IndieBlocks on top of a fresh WordPress site, it’d give you short-form post types, microformats, and the ability to send and receive webmentions.

It’d also provide you with a couple options to, e.g., tweak RSS feeds, and then some.

There’s no dependency on other plugins (although it will play nicely with the Micropub plugin, and can be used alongside other IndieWeb plugins—just disable the bits you don’t need).

I’ve also started a simple “documentation site.” It’s nothing special, yet, and can be improved a lot. The site runs IndieBlocks itself, and it uses WordPress’ default Twenty Twenty-Three theme (like, not even a child theme).

Was also planning to write a brief guide on how to get started “on the IndieWeb” using (only) IndieBlocks.

Can’t help but think that, if you’re new to all things “IndieWeb,” and, say, have never before heard of things like IndieAuth and Microsub, there’s no need to install a dozen plugins you may not need (or understand). You don’t have to “dive in at the deep end.” You could start by simply adding microformats to your site, and then, when you feel like it, Webmention support.

Heck, even without microformats and Webmention, a personal website that is not Facebook or Twitter would 100% make you a “citizen of the IndieWeb.” Cross-site conversations are kinda cool, though. (A social network of personal sites!) And the simpler way to get started with those, is webmentions, and microformats.


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