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Importing “Bookmarks”

I still haven’t established a single workflow to import “bookmarks” into WordPress.

Here’s some of the things I’ve tried:

  • The Import Bookmarks plugin, which I wrote in order to import browser bookmarks (the kind of file you’d manually export from your web browser)
  • A Mastodon importer, now archived, which let you import your latest “toots” (which could be bookmarks)
  • A wallabag importer, which automatically imports your most recent wallabag—a self-hosted read-it-later app—entries
  • A couple tweaks to the Micropub plugin’s behavior, bundled with my “IndieWeb Custom Post Types” plugin—currently using this on mobile, together with Indigenous for Android
  • Some tweaks to WordPress’s “Press This” bookmarklet, or rather, its server-side “listener”—currently using this to create (unpublished, for now) “read posts” rather than bookmarks, but the idea’s the same
  • A “text expander”—I’ve found aText works okay on Windows—to turn a URL on my OS’s clipboard into the proper microformatted HTML; requires me to copy the URL, log in to WordPress, start a new post, and type, in my case, ubookmark

Somewhat related projects:

  • Sync OPML to Blogroll: automatically keeps your WordPress blogroll up-to-date
  • Add OPML to Yarns: adds a very proof-of-concept OPML endpoint to your Yarns—a WordPress-based Microsub server—install


  1. Jan Boddez Jan Boddez on

    Maybe the wallabag one isn’t too bad. Supports annotation, and I can “trigger” imports with a tag of my choosing (e.g., “bookmark”).

    Via, in reply to Importing “Bookmarks”.

  2. Jan Boddez Jan Boddez on

    Currently leaning toward Indigenous on mobile, though, and “Press This” on desktop.

    Via, in reply to Importing “Bookmarks”.