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Giving Credit

I’m pretty sure Chris Aldrich’s site is where I first learned about using ↬ (“rightwards arrow with loop”) for giving credit. (The symbol would then mean something like hat tip. “Via” is something else, still, apparently, although the distinction isn’t super clear to me. Since I already mark up reposts with microformats, I’m going to stick with this one—“hat tip”—for now.)

Not sure if I should rework the format, use the “h-cite” microformat (or a cite element). cite should really only be used on the title of a cited work—please correct me if I’m wrong—whereas I would prefer to credit the person that led me to whatever bit of information I stumbled upon, all while still linking, when possible, to a more specific blog post or page.

Anyhow, I don’t give credit nearly enough—this here is like the third time or so. Let’s change that.

Chris Aldrich