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Feed Thoughts

Somehow, I found out, my feed reader had turned Dries Buytaert’s latest blog post into a bit of a mess. Feeding X-Ray the feed URL revealed the issue. Looks like escaped HTML inside escaped HTML is a bit of a problem! (The article contains a couple code snippets, or rather, HTML wrapped in <code> tags. On the actual page, the <code> tags themselves are obviously not escaped; in the feed, they are.) Turns out the RSS feed is the culprit here, and resorting to CDATA rather than just encode < and > would likely solve the issue.

Luckily, faulty feeds are something I can easily work around by enabling my feed aggregator’s “original content scraper,” which pulls in each article exactly as it appears on the site, and disregards what’s in the feed itself.

Note: In the process, I was happily surprised to see Dries using microformats to mark up his posts. His blog archive happens to be an h-feed, even! The reason I’m not subscribing to that, though, is that it lists every and all of his posts ever, and at the same time shows little more than a date and title. If I’d choose to “scrape” all of these entries in order to be able to read them inside my IndieWeb reader, my server would time out very quickly.