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So, I’ve decided to move things around a bit. From now on, this very site will be where I write about web development (and a few other things).

My slightly more professional, client-facing website will continue to exist, too, but it’ll be geared toward a less tech-savvy audience.

I think this approach—two ‘somewhat niche’ sites rather than one that tries to be everything—will make for a much improved visitor experience.

On a side note: I’ve recently deleted just about all of my social media accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Instagram will be doing just fine without me. My Flickr account’s likely going the same way. (Not sure if I’ll stick with self-hosting or move to something like Pixelfed.)

Actually, I’m looking into both the Fediverse and the IndieWeb as healthier alternatives for reaching out on the web. I hope one day I’ll be able to just as easily share thoughts with and reply to others from my own domain, without the need for a dozen or so silo accounts.


  1. Jan on

    ’t Is 1 september en dan verandert er traditioneel weleens …

    Via, in reply to Changes.