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A Notes Section

I’ve added a Notes section to this blog. ‘Notes’—not unlike my longer ‘articles’—are simply WordPress posts, but carry a ‘status’ Post Format.


What’s more, though, is that as soon as I hit publish, they’ll also appear on Mastodon and Twitter (a form of POSSE).

I could’ve let Jetpack take care of that, but since this very site (1) isn’t WordPress per se—it’s a kind of weird hybrid, really—and (2) is my personal online playground, I instead opted to create a plugin of my own.

Note: I haven’t bothered to implement permashortcitations, or replies to Tweets, nor am I planning on doing so anytime soon. Most of my posts are pretty much one-way.

Some Technicalities

It’s WordPress themes that enable Post Formats, so I’ve adapted mine to support them. Also, as notes don’t have titles, in WordPress, I’ll automatically set a note’s title to the note itself, but shortened. That way I’m still able to recognize what it’s about, e.g., in WP Admin.

You may also notice that each note’s slug—its URL’s last part—is a seemingly random number, but it’s actually an obfuscated—something Jens Segers’ Optimus helps take care of—post ID (and thus, just like said post ID, unique).